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Youth Camps & Exchange 2010

District 128, Israel



District Governor 2009-2010
Pnina Efrati


The Ness Ziona Lions Club, No.100021 will be in charge of the Youth Exchange and Camp Program in District 128, Israel, in the summer of 2010.

The Ness Ziona Lions Club was founded in 2007 and is one of the 34 Lions & Leo clubs in Israel.

The local YCE program will take place between July 18 and August 8, 2010.

The Camp's name and aims recreate the present year District Governor, Lion Pnina Efrati's motivational goal: "Looking for the Future".
Participants will take a quest of joy and comradeship, touring through landscapes and sites from all times in prehistory and history, looking for a better future for themselves, mankind and planet earth.

The tentative program is already set. The young participants will be hosted for one week by local families. During the two additional weeks they will participate in a "wandering camp", thus touring the country by private bus to enjoy sightseeing, historical sites, the beaches of 3 different seas, and the mosaic of various cultures and traditions the country offers.

The Nazareth Lions Club No 49721 and The Nazareth Maris Valley Lions Club No.60756 will host the Camp during a weekend while accommodating the participants at Lions Clubs members homes.

The final plan is still subject to changes.




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July 9, 2010

The matching process has been completed - Now every YCE 2010 Israel has a hosting family (in some cases shared with another participant)

Please be adviced that not every family elders are fluent English writers, some of them will derive the email work to their children.

Participants who have still not sent over his/her flights schedule, please do so as soon as you can.

Hosting Families are invited to a coordination meeting to be held at
Beyt Hanoar (Sderot Efraiym, Ness Ziona) on July 12, at 19:30 PM




The country flags of our camp's participants follow.
Can you recognize them all?


Camp Participants's
National Flags


File:Ness Ziona COA.gif
Ness Ziona City Emblem

The Israeli Flag was first hoisted in Ness Ziona





What you need to pack for Israel

An envelope containing your camp fee in cash –to be delivered on arrival to a Lions Club member

For the Wandering Camp (list provided by the tour guide)
Updated health insurance copy
Day bag (small rucksack)
Water bottles (2 liter water/person/day)
Sunscreen (cream or lotion)
Hat, Sunglasses
Comfortable walking shoes (or sport shoes)
Shoes or sandals to walk in water
Clothes to change
A modest attire complement to cover yourself during visits to holy places.
Light wind-coat
Medication if required.

For the Family Hosting Week
Regular summer clothing
A presentation about yourself (your family, school, hometown, area & country, lifestyle, hobbies, etc.) in digital format (ppt. or else) which you can carry on optical media (CD or DVD disc) or thumb-drive.
During this week a "national dish" event is planned. Bring with you the recipe of a dish you know how to prepare and is typical to your country, area or town. If the ingredients are not basic world-widespread, please bring them with you

Some info you need to be aware of

   ● Most Israelis of both sexes, 18 to 21 years old, are called to serve in the Israeli Defence Forces. Profuse presence of uniformed people in public places does not necessarily mean that something exceptional is happening.

   ● Hosting families will make their best to let you feel comfortable. If you have any doubt or problem, do not hesitate in openly discussing it with your hosts and/or the Camp Director.

   In Israel, security measures and practices in public places -and especially airports- can sometimes seem severe. Yet, they are always well meant - for your protection.

  Geographically, Israel's territory is part of a narrow land corridor between two continents: Eurasia & Africa. This corridor was already described in biblical times as a migration route for many fowl species. Over 500 million birds that come and go every spring and autumn over Israel spread small amounts of pollen and other antigens. A tiny percentage of first time visitors may develop sensibility (allergies) to such substances. Spices you might taste for the first time could have the same effect. Please let your hosts know immediately if you develop any kind of skin or respiratory affection, in order to let them help you overcome it.



Arrival and Departure

When booking your tickets, be advised it would be best to reach Israel on July 17, 2010
Your hosting family and/or local Lions will welcome you at Ben Gurion International Airport Terminal 3 incoming flights greeter's hall.

It is recommended to book your departure flight for August 8 evening or August 9.



Ness Ziona Lions Club's flag

Links & Contacts

Israel YCE Hosting Chairperson 2010- Lion Shlomo Elyiahu

Mailing Contact 2010- Lion Dr. Feli Galker, N.Z.Charter Secretary

Website Manager- Lion Eldad Galker, N.Z.Charter President Reelected.

YCE Hosting Committee Secretary, Lion Michal T.

Camp's Postal Address: POB 499 (Chief), Ness Ziona 74071, Israel.

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